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Water Well Video Inspections

Water Well Video Inspections

Water Well Video Inspections and Repairs are only a phone call away – 365 days a year!  Our amazingly clear Water Well Video Inspections, and Sewer Drain Line Video Inspections provide real answers that you can see, understand and trust before any “professional recommendations” are considered!  Water well repairs can be expensive, especially if the Well Pump problem is misdiagnosed.  It has been said that, “Pictures speak a thousand words!”  Our Video Inspection of your well or sewer drain will provide clear, irrefutable answers regarding the cause of any problem we can see!  You will receive a copy of your Water Well Video Inspections on a DVD or SD card (depending on the specific equipment being used at your job).  You will see, with great detail and clarity, all of the “hidden” physical details of your well shaft, well pump, and all of the plumbing and electrical materials within the well shaft.  No Guesses!  Just visual proof- so you know exactly what you need by seeing the exact problem within your Deep or Shallow Well.

Water Well Video Inspections speak a thousand words!

Our Water Well Video Inspections provide real answers that you can see! (540) 457-PUMP (7867).

Most Homeowner’s insurance companies do pay for this service.

Our Water Well Inspection Service Includes:

  • Water Well Inspections up to 1,000 feet deep.
  • Collapsed (deteriorating/high silt, clogged) Well Evaluations.
  • Well Inspections (flow test, water test, well depth, pump depth, mechanics inspection of the well’s plumbing and electrical).
  • Well Bore and Well Casing Inspection.
  • Lost Well Pump Retrieval.
  • Well Shaft Debris Retrieval.
  • Well-Head Repairs and Pitless Adapter Repairs.
  • Well Shaft Casing Relining and Extensions.
  • Sewer Line inspections and Drain Line Inspections.
  • Contributing Aquifers and sources for Groundwater Contamination

Well Abandonment | Water Well Video Inspection before reopening 

If you live on a property, or are planning to purchase a new home, with a closed or abandoned well, it is important to properly close down and start up those wells.  Non-functioning water wells can be dangerous for a number of reasons and should be sealed off from public access. In fact, many insurance companies require documentation of proper closure and/or operational status prior to closing a real estate purchase.  Most if not all Real Estate Inspections expressly exclude your Water Well System from the inspection, because the well pump system is below ground and out of site.  Let Virginia Well and Pump help you safely and effectively take care of an abandoned, vacated, or closed Water Well Pump System, as well as properly inspect, repair and restart your well pump when needed.


Water Well Video Inspections