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Virginia Well Pump Repair, Well Drilling Contractor

Well and Pump Repair | Well Water Testing

Virginia Well Pump Repair, Well Drilling Contractor, because your well and pump never make an appointment to break down!

Virginia Well and Pump Repair, Well Drilling Contractor

10% OFF your First Well Pump Repair Service Call

All Pumps Repaired! Well Pumps, Sump Pumps, Pool and Spa pumps, Circulation Pumps.  Well Drilling Contractor.

Water Softener and Water Treatment Solutions <br /> FREE Water Testing*!

Complete Water Testing | Water Treatment Solutions

Standard: $25
Heavy Metals: $75
Bacteria: $80*
Water Sampling Fee: $88
(* = Sampling on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday only)

All Virginia Well and Pump Repair Services are backed by our NO RISK Guarantee!


If, for any reason, we are unable to repair your Well Pump or Water Treatment system, our entire service call will be FREE, if we replace the well pump or water softener.

Virginia Well and Pump Repair

FREE 2nd Opinion!

If another Contractor has said that your Well Pump or water Treatment System is beyond repair, we are offering you a 100% FREE 2nd Opinion!

Virginia Water Well Pump Repair – Well Water Testing

No one ever plans to need a Water Well Pump Repair and/or Well Water Testing Service. Until now, you have probably never searched for a water well pump repair service.  We also provide confidential State-Certified Potable Water Quality Testing.

We provide complete 24-hour Water Well Pump Repair and Well Pump Replacement services.
We provide Same Day Service for your:                      

Virginia Well and Pump Repair | Well Water Testing

Virginia Well and Pump Repair is at your service 24-7 !

Virginia Water Well Pump Repair Service also offers a full range of Potable Water Testing to the general public!  Water conditions in the underground aquifers that provide drinking water to your well may come from hundreds of miles away, and who knows what water contaminants may have found their way into your drinking water along the way. No one, EPA included, protects your family’s drinking water; therefore, it is widely believed that you should have a Well Water Test every other year or whenever your Well Water System or Water Treatment System are serviced.  We use state-certified water testing facilities. 

We have affordable solutions Water Quality Testing problems including, but not limited to:

  • Cloudy, turbid water
  • Collapsing, deteriorating well shaft
  • Water contaminated with Bacteria (like E.coli and Cholera)
  • Smelly sulphur-laden water (and its associated bacteria)

    Is anything in my water that shouldn’t be there?
    We use our State-Certified Well Water Test results to provide you an Affordable, long-term Water Treatment Solution.

  • Iron rust-stained water (and its associated bacteria)
  • Foul-tasting water
  • Manganese, lead and other heavy metals
  • Hard (calcium-laden) water
  • Sandy, dirty water
  • Groundwater Contamination by petroleum products
  • Collapsing, deteriorating water well shaft

We also provide Real Estate Purchase Inspections for Water Wells, which can include:

Our licensed, professional, courteous technicians provide 7-day residential and commercial well water testing and well pump repair services. We are committed to providing prompt, same-day, competent, honest and affordable water well pump repair and potable water quality testing services from well water and city water sources.

Our Extensive In-house Stock of replacement Well Pumps, parts and equipment allows us to provide:

  • Full-spectrum 7-day Water Well Pump Repair Service
  • Same Day Well Pump Repairs, Electric Well Pump Sales and Installation.
  • On-site service, as well as Machine Shop Pump Repair services when customers wish to bring their failed equipment to us.
  • Clear, Conclusive Water Well Video Inspections and Well Water Testing before any repairs are recommended!
  • Quick and efficient well pump repair service calls.  In most cases, we make it look simple!

We hire the best, experienced, seasoned, local technicians who are drug tested, and whose employment history and references are thoroughly checked.  Please Contact Us regarding as service appointment and/or current Employment Opportunities.

We service Albemarle, Amherst, Augusta, Bath, Fluvanna, Greene, Highland, Louisa, Madison, Nelson, Page, Rockbridge, Rockingham and Shenandoah Counties of beautiful Central Virginia. We love what we do, and it shows!

Prompt, Same Day
Well Water Testing | Well Pump Repair and Installation Service
We Never Close!  Call us 24-7-365!  Quality, Dependable Service is just a call away!

Ashburn Well and Pump Repair Services

Emergency Well and Pump Services in Ashburn

FREE 2nd Opinion

We are offering you a FREE 2nd Opinion!  We can repair many wells and pumps when other Well and Pump Contractors can’t!

Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Pump Repair and Replacement

We can re-plumb your broken pool plumbing.

Water Treatment Water Softener Service

Pump Repair and Replacement

New Haywood Pumps Sold Here.  Call today to schedule pump repair service or to receive a FREE Written Installation quote.

Virginia Well and Pump Repair

Pump Pressure Switches and Pump Controls

We Check, Repair and Replace Deep Well Pumps, Pressure Switches and Controls.

Virginia Well and Pump Repair

No Water? Cloudy Water? Foul Tasting or Smelling Water?

Virginia Well and Pump Repair

We Never Close! Call Us Anytime!

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Zoeller Sump Pumps- Best Prices Guaranteed!
Schaefer Pumps by Fisher Electric- Distributor

Water Treatment Water Softener Service


Pool Pump Repair Service

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Our Peace-of-Mind NO RISK Well and Pump Repair Guarantee!

If, for any reason, we are unable to repair your well and/or pump regardless of its age, our entire service call including all parts and labor will be FREE, if we install a replacement pump.  Moreover, we will still beat your best comparable, written well and pump installation quote provided by a licensed Virginia Contractor- No Questions Asked!
You have No Risk!  You can’t go wrong!  That’s Peace-Of-Mind… Guaranteed!!!